Counter-Strike 1.6

Descarcă şi tu jocul de acțiune nr. 1 in lume.
Ia parte la realisticul război anti-terorist în acest joc de echipă extrem de popular.
Viteza de descarcare

Descarca rapid oricare dintre client-urile Counter-Strike, resursele Counter-Strike, plugin-urile Counter-Strike 1.6.

Fara virusi

Toate resursele sunt scanate inainte de a fi incarcate. Jocurile contin ultimele patch-uri si ultimele metode anti-slowhack.

Ultimele update-uri

Toate jocurile, resursele, modelele si hartile sunt updatate periodic pentru ca tu sa ai cea mai buna experienta.

Download Cs 1.6


build 9211 with avatars and bots cs 1.6 download

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 Original Clean Edition



download cs 1.6 original clean image


This version of the game is completely similar to Steam Counter Strike 1.6 original free full version. It contains original models, sounds, sprites and designs. Download CS 1.6 from our site to get a client with strong protection against malicious scripts and files, keep the game safe without having to worry about admins corrupting it or infecting it with Autoconnect or GameMenu hack – another reason to download CS 1.6 from our site.

This CS is the latest version 9211, not the old version, Steam official free version 2022. It has avatars that you can select and display in the scoreboard. We recommend this version to all classic players, especially those who prefer the original game to the mod. The gameplay of this version of CS 1.6 is very unique and will appeal to many gamers around the world. Interestingly, many players prefer version 1.6 over newer versions like Source or even GO.


500 mhz processor 800 mhz processor
96mb ram 128mb ram
16mb video card 32mb video card
Windows XP Windows XP
Mouse Mouse
Keyboard Tastatura
Internet Connection Internet Connection



download cs 1.6 original clean image